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SHOW A – 8:30 A.M. • SHOW B – 9:30 A.M.

This show is sanctioned by the ADGA for ALPINE, LAMANCHA, NUBIAN, OBERHASLI, SAANEN, TOGGENBURG, RECORDED GRADES, NIGERIAN DWARF and SABLE. ADGA rules apply. The Junior and Senior shows are separately sanctioned.


1. Applications for entries must be filled out on entry forms furnished by the McCracken County Fair. Return to show Chairman Wade Buntin, or Secretary Sue Buntin, 4527 S.R. 297 Marion Ky. 42064 Phone 270-965-2691. Pens are not reserved with entry and NO fees are charged for pens. Bedding shavings will be available for purchase. Washing facilities and electricity is available. Lights will be turned off at Midnight in barn area.

2. The show is open to all exhibitors and there is no limit on the number of animals that can be entered by an exhibitor. All entries must be checked in by 8:00 A.M.

3. This will be a DOUBLE RING SHOW therefore each exhibitor should bring sufficient help to assist at ring side.

4. Each animal is to be entered in the name of the bona fide owner. Proof of ownership shall be the name on the registration document.

5. Exhibitors must bring proof of the age of each animal they enter. Ages will be computed from registration certificate and used to determine class divisions. The show date will be the base date in computing all ages on June 24, 2017. Substitutions within the same class allowed.

6. The original registration certificate is required, though a copy of Registration Application, stamped with a date received by one of the listed associations, will be accepted for kids under 6 months of age.

7. The document specified above as the requirements for that age animal to be shown must be presented to the Show Secretary for verification before the judging begins.

8. All goats must have legible tattoo(s) or other means of permanent identification consistent with its registration certificate or the animal will be disqualified. An exhibitor that is showing an animal with a microchip as permanent identification is required to provide a microchip reader for verification of the animals identity. Champion and Reserve Champion tattoos must be read as placings are recorded.

9. Exhibitors must provide social security number. Please note the Fair is required to issue a 1099 to any exhibitor whose gross premiums are $600 or more.

10. Dairy Goat Show entry fee will be $5 per class per show. Make all checks payable to McCracken County Fair.

11. The Champion and Reserve Classes will be chosen from the first and second place animals in that division of the show.

12. All out of state goats MUST present a valid health certificate before offloading on the fair grounds. Any goat showing signs of ill health will be barred from the fair grounds.

13. When on exhibition in the ring, each animal must be under control and in the charge of exhibitor.

14. Disqualifications will result if (1) goat shows any pronounced defect or abnormality, (2) artificial coloring, (3) illegible tattoos or tattoos inconsistent with registration certificates, (4) or any doe over 24 months of age that has not kidded and cannot prove a current pregnancy at time of show.

15. In case of any disagreement the decision of show committee is final.

16. Prize money on dairy goats will be $15, $10, $5, and $5.

17. Grand Champion in each class will receive a prize and Rosettes.