Talent Show Contest

JUNE 22, 2016 • WEDNESDAY 6:00 P.M.


All contestants in the WKYQ/WKYX/McCracken County Fair Talent Contest will compete on equal terms, however because of the association with the Kentucky State Fair Coca-Cola Talent Classic the contestants aged 13-21 years will be the only age category eligible to continue to the Kentucky State Fair. For the age category of 13-21 years, the top 3 entries will continue to the Kentucky State Fair to compete in the 2016 Coca-Cola Talent Classic.

There are 4 age categories: Ages 4-12, Ages 13-16, Ages 17-21 (Coca-Cola Winners), Ages 22 and up. First, Second, and Third Place Winners in each of the three age categories will receive trophies. Overall winners will receive: 1st Place – $300 and Trophy, 2nd Place – $200 and Trophy, 3rd Place – $100 and Trophy

Definition of Categories

Vocal Solo or Group – Shall consist of a performance by a vocalist or vocalists. An instrumental accompaniment by the performer or others is allowed, but must assume the pure character of an accompaniment. The test shall be whether the performance would stand alone if the accompaniment were removed. NO VOICE, VOICES, CD OR TAPE WITH ANY VOCAL BACKGROUND MAY BE USED FOR ACCOMPANIMENT. THIS INCLUDES RECORDED LIVE VOICES THAT ARE PRODUCED AND RECORDED SYNTHETICALLY (I.E., SYNTHESIZERS OR DIGITALLY SAMPLED).

Instrumental Solo or Group – Shall consist of a solo or group instrumental performance without vocal utterance. In instrumental solo, the only accompaniment allowed is a live or taped acoustical piano. If the instrument is piano, no accompaniment is allowed. In the use of electronic keyboard, the contestant must create all sounds live on stage. Contestants are responsible for their own set up on stage.

Dance Solo and Ensemble Categories – Shall consist of a performance by a dancer or dancers. Accompanists are permitted on stage, but must not assume visual importance in the performance. Acrobatics or gymnastics will be judged in another category. Vocal performances will not be judged.

Acrobatic/Gymnastic Solo or Group – Shall consist of a solo or group performance. At least 1/3 of the performance must be acrobatics or gymnastics, but no more than 2/3 of the performance should be acrobatic or gymnastic movements. This should be a choreographed performance.

Variety – Shall consist of a performance by one or more persons. This category is intended to provide a proper showcase for those acts which are not listed in any other category, example: ventriloquist, juggler or comedian. (A vocalist or vocal group accompanying themselves would not normally meet this test.) All persons assuming visual importance in the acts must meet the age qualification. Performers who fit the description of another category may not appear in the Variety Category.