DOWNLOAD 2018 Wiener Dog Race Form

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The race will be held on the track in front of the grandstand.  The “drag-style race track” will be 50 yards long.  One handler will be holding their dog at the “start” line and the second handler will be at the “finish” line.  The coordinator will signal the start of the race and the first handler will release the dog with NO other actions.  The second handler can attract the dog’s attention but MUST stay behind the finish line.

All dogs must have current shots and provide a copy of shot record with application.  Rabies in particular.

Qualifying drag-race assignments will be made at time of receiving registration forms.

1st place dogs in each qualifying race will move on to the quarterfinals/semi-finals, etc.

You may bring your dog’s favorite toy.  (Toy may not be bigger than 8 inches).

No food (human or dog food) or other pets are allowed in racetrack area.

All dogs “must” be on a leash except at their designated race time.

Owners are required to clean-up after their dog’s accidents.

Dogs should be on their best behavior (i.e. no fighting, biting or aggressiveness).  Unruly dogs will be asked to leave

Only two owner/handlers allowed in the racetrack area at any time.

For more information contact:  Denice Cicardo (270) 625-2134